What Is Black Mica

In nature is found one of the most remarkable substances ever discovered for a safer, better, cheaper, and eco-friendly way to purify water. This Clean, Healthy Water can, also, Clean Your Cells, Organs, and System… Detoxify.

Sound too Good to Be True? It Isn’t! And this is Very Important…

Everything we encounter in life in this day and age is polluted: Our air, food, and water. You are constantly bombarded by chemicals and foreign substances which we were never meant to be around, inhale,  or ingest.

These substances are taking a cumulative toll on your body every day. Your children are even bearing more of this pollutant burden than yourself as they have been reared in this environment since birth. Every precious little baby is known to be born with traces of literally hundreds of pollutants already in their system.

There is an answer for this incredible problem that affects everyone without exception: “Black Mica” found in “AdyaClarity” 

This amazing natural element has properties that can actually eliminate and denature 99.99% of all toxins including…

  • Germs
  • Mercury
  • Chlorine
  • Chloramines
  • Fluoride
  • Fungi
  • Mold
  • Bacteria (E-Coli, Staph,…)
  • Lead, …

You can have Safer, Better, Healthy Water even in an emergency situation because Adya Clarity

  • Ionizes
  • Promotes Hydration by
  • Reducing the size of the water molecules, &
  • Reducing the surface tension of the water for more effective cell absorption
  • Delivers 70 trace minerals, including three of the rarest minerals on earth


  • Just 3 ounces will purify 200 bottles of water!
  • Tastes Refreshing
  • Rids your water of dangerous pollutants at the same time
  • Each bottle will save you hundreds of dollars…

Eco-Friendly, too…

  • Using AdyaClarity means that you’ll save pollution to the Earth by not buying Bottled Water, too
  • If you can do something good for the Earth that’s so simple to do, why wouldn’t you?

It is the perfect way to have purified, healthy water in any Emergency Situation & for Food Storage Purposes:

Store water using AdyaClarity, and it will ready to drink for many, many months. It is the way to store water safely. Be always assured that your family will not be caught without a healthy water supply when the need arises, or during a dire emergency evacuation where you are not sure of the water source you will be forced to use. It will clean the the  most questionable water sources.

And, when Traveling…

Whether it be on a family outing, eating in a restaurant, on a camping trip, on vacation, traveling abroad where you certainly want want to avoid getting Montezuma’s Revenge,

You and Your Family Can Feel Confident in Knowing That You
Have Safe, Healthy Water at Your Disposal Anywhere at Any Time!

Not Only That…

Adya Clarity will Purify Your Bath Water of Fluoride, Chlorine, and Chloramines among many other pollutants that get absorbed through your skin as you and your children bathe. Your skin will be so much softer, too.

It will naturally purify:

  • Fish Tanks
  • Hot Tubs &
  • Swimming Pools all without chemicals!

Naturally sanitize your hands, baby’s nursery, your kitchen surfaces, and  bathrooms. Wash your vegetables, and take it along to restaurants. Keep it in a small spray bottle for use when you want to be sure to avoid contamination from germs, or to use in on sunburns. Use it in your foot baths to create a detoxifying effect.

Use it in your garden to water your plants, in agriculture, hydroponic gardening, greenhouses, and sprouting to help in controlling bacteria safely while giving your plants superior minerals with which to grow healthy.

 How does the Black Mica formula in AdyaClarity do all this?

This wonderful, amazing, God-Given element found in the volcanoes of Japan literally neutralizes heavy metals, as well as, so many other contaminants. It attaches to them, wraps itself around them, and renders them harmless in water. In the body, taken internally in what is commonly referred to as “shots”, it flushes the toxic chemicals from the cells and eliminates them from the body safely.

Find out more by joining our list now. The information is priceless for your health and well-being. You will receive a valuable coupon to use with which to purchase as our gift to you.

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Don’t leave home without it. Your families safe water supply may depend on it.

Stay Safe–Drink Healthy Water,

Stephen Kudabeck

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NOTE: * These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.

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