People who are using Adya Clarity for their plants are having a huge success in growing healthier crops. Minerals are lacking in our soil. If the soil is lacking nutrients, plants suffer from diseases just as humans do.

Every life form needs minerals.

What is a key to growing strong, nutrient rich crops?

Providing an efficient and optimal environment for plants to absorb minerals, nutrients and water.

Adya’s Agricultural products help you provide this mechanism for your crops.

Our mineral solutions are the catalysts for uptake and nutrient absorption in plants.  With Adya’s Agricultural products you can improve the oxygen and electricity within your soil so that the roots have a healthy environment in which they can thrive.  Our products help you keep the bad bacteria away and allow the good bacteria to thrive. And we allow you to lower the ph to meet the needs of your crops.

Most exciting is that you can do this while providing a safe working environment! Our products dilute easily in water to provide a safe to use product that provides immediate results.

Make your water right to Make your plants right! provide nutrient rich water to grow stronger, healthier plants that will in turn be healthier for your family. Call us for information as to how to order Adya Clarity in bulk form for your garden or farm.
Email us for information on ordering Adya Clarity in bulk form for your farm or garden purposes.